FITECMA changes its logo and image
The fair reaffirms its sector representativeness
New days and hours for FITECMA 2021

The industry is at a turning point, with the arrival of industry 4.0 there will be a very important transformation, and other lines of business are joining the traditional ones of wood. All this has generated the need to produce a turnaround. the fair that accompanies the new needs of companies“, explains Nora Reznik, President of ASORA, the entity that organizes the fair.

The desire for innovation is always present among us – he added – “so we decided to redesign the logo that accompanied the fair since its first edition in 1994, and presented it with the new image that will represent FITECMA 2021 in its 15th edition” .

WOOD INNOVATION WITHOUT LIMIT“, synthesizes the relevance and potential of wood in the future. A digital world, robotized, but with greater concern for caring for the environment, demands renewable materials that ensure sustainable production. Wood and innovation combine as an added value to gain competitiveness. “It was not simply a matter of looking for a slogan. It is a whole definition that aims to make FITECMA 2021 the right place for exhibitors and visitors to meet in a climate where business and knowledge prevail, facilitating the development of the entire chain of the forest industry, “concluded Nora Reznik.

  • 21 April, 2020

As in previous editions, the fair adds to the call representative entities: CADAMDA – Chamber of Wood; CEMA – Chamber of Logging and Related Entrepreneurs; CADEFHA – Argentine Chamber of Hardware and Related Manufacturers and CAFYDMA Chamber of Furniture, Upholstery and Related Manufacturers With the novelty “We are convinced that to overcome the difficulties of SMEs and improve the conditions of sectoral competitiveness, we must work together. And that has been a policy that ASORA has carried out since its inception, “said Nora Reznik, president of the Association of Manufacturers and Representatives of Machines, Equipment and Tools for the Wood Industry, an entity organized by FITECMA.

Likewise, at the international level, FITECMA has the support of EUMABOIS – European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers, which brings together the associations of manufacturers of machines and tools in Europe, and which has FITECMA incorporated in the official calendar of fairs in the abroad, which serves as a guide for European companies when deciding their participation in an international fair.

In addition, for the call of the specialized public at the national level, an exclusive mobile App of the fair is being specially developed; digital marketing campaigns aimed at professionals in wood construction and interior design; and a wide dissemination on social networks; that added to the FITECMA News and ASORA Magazine; They make up an important promotion program that FITECMA 2021 will have.

  • 21 April, 2020

FITECMA 2021 – International Fair of Wood & Technology, is already underway. The Organizing Committee arranged that the 15th edition will be held from July 14 to 17, 2021, at the Costa Salguero Center, in the City of Buenos Aires.

We are sure that the next FITECMA will exceed all expectations, “said Nicolás De Gennaro, Executive Director of the fair. And I have stated that” with all the experience gained through 14 editions and aligning with the trend of the most important sector fairs in the world, work has been done on a new format and the incorporation of multiple services and activities, which will accentuate the concept of innovation by adding specialized contacts to all the exhibition items For the first time, the fair will remain open to the public for four days, from Wednesday to Saturday and with new hours: from 10:30 am. at 6:30 p.m.

We have met with the sponsors and the most representative companies of each of the items and there was practically unanimous agreement on the benefits that these changes could bring, both in the case of exhibitors and visitors,” explained Osvaldo Kovalchuk, Vice President of ASORA and member of the Organizing Committee.

Furthermore – he added – “this concept of concentrating the sample in four days is also being adopted by the most important international fairs. It is a way of optimizing working time“.

From its beginnings, FITECMA He has been developing the concept of the thematic fair of wood “and we are ready to carry out the necessary actions to add to all sectors of the value chain of the forestry industry“, said De Genaro. Along these lines, we are going to promote the incorporation of companies related to wood construction and bioenergy (forest biomass). “They are new lines of business that show great potential in the future, so we think they have to have their place at FITECMA 2021,” he said.

  • 21 April, 2020

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