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One of the important points in the FITECMA 2021 communication plan was the creation of the digital FITECMA News.

This new communication tool created especially by ASORA – Association of Manufacturers and Representatives of Machines, Equipment and Tools for the Wood Industry, has undoubtedly become a very effective means of keeping all the news that is generated at the Fair updated. .

This is the third number to be published and will reach more than 30,000 contacts included in our database.

In addition, the Organizing Committee of FITECMA 2021 is developing an important program of promotion and strategic positioning of the fair through ASORA Magazine, the FITECMA website:; campaigns on social networks (facebook – instagram – youtube – twitter); and a periodic e-news service.

Numerous agreements with publishers, business entities and fairs also constitute an important platform for dissemination both nationally and internationally.


Undoubtedly, the 15th edition of FITECMA, to be held from July 14 to 17, 2021, at the Costa Salguero Center, in the City of Buenos Aires, will present a completely renewed profile. The inclusion of new thematic areas and the development of special activities will make it possible to work on the concept of including the entire industrial forestry chain. Allocating a specific area to Bioenergy (biomass, technology and materials for the generation of thermal energy) is encircled in that direction.

The next edition of FITECMA ‘’ modified its structure to facilitate the visit by visitors, dividing the fair into thematic areas: Machines; Tools; Industry 4.0; Supplies; Construction with Wood; and Bioenergy, explains Nicolás De Gennaro, Executive Director of the fair.

According to Fernando Göttert, Secretary of ASORA and member of the Organizing Committee, “the delimitation of thematic areas will also allow a better layout of the specific actions that will take place during the fair.”

Along these lines, highly qualified partners were selected in each of the activities to be carried out.

In bioenergy, PROBIOMASA has already confirmed its participation – Project for the promotion of energy (FAO – Secretariat of Energy for Productive Development – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries), with whose authorities are planning specific communication actions that allow the promotion of biomass for the generation of clean energy. In addition, contact is being made with national companies and representatives of the main international companies that provide technology and local producers of wood pellets. At the same time, negotiations are being carried out with the directors of Avebiom – Spanish Association for the Energy Valorization of Biomass (organizers of Expobiomasa, Valladolid), with whom it was agreed to advance in a joint dissemination work to ensure that Spanish companies present themselves at FITECMA . Also with companies that participated from February 19 to 22 in Progetto Fuoco, the most important fair of the field held in Verona, Italy.


The integration of production processes through artificial intelligence, 3D printing and designthinking are fundamental issues that run through the entire wood-furniture value chain, from the first transformation to the last stage of adding value.

With this premise, FITECMA 2021 presents for the second time the Industry 4.0 specialized sector for wood. The space will have 200 m2 in which a commercial sample will be combined with a program of dissemination and training in 4.0 technologies for SMEs in wood and furniture, in which ASORA has been working together with the National Institute of Industrial Technology – INTI .

The results obtained in the 2019 edition of FITECMA are very encouraging, with great repercussion among the visitors of the fair and the exhibiting companies. “The participating companies were really very enthusiastic. They have had good contacts and took projects to work on the incorporation of these technologies in the wood industry “, comments Nicolás DeGennaro, Executive Director of FITECMA.

The exhibiting companies encountered demands that pointed to how to incorporate these technologies into their production lines to have more efficiency in products and services. “Although the wood industry seems somewhat traditional, there is a lot of interest and very good acceptance of new technologies” , points out Lautaro Rolón, technical commercial advisor of Print A Lot, dedicated to digital manufacturing and 3D printing.

Something similar raises Pablo Mellicovsky, head of International Channels of the South Hub of Totus. “From the visitors of FITECMA we saw that they want to have quick information because it allows them to make decisions. For example, to simulate an order from a very large client, to move production orders”, he points out.

In the case of GruPro’s line of collaborative robots, the focus was on the range of features, costs and implementation. “It was important to inform that we not only sell the technology, but that we can offer programming services,” explains Richard Maturana, the firm’s commercial representative.

For the industrial designer Adrián Oviedo, advisor to the printer manufacturer Chimac 3D Insumos, FITECMA allowed “to see how a link appears between a 3D plastic printing joining two wooden boards, for example, or other innovations that can be made at home or small workshops, things that can be solved by going to a factory that makes injection and that can be solved by making one piece, five pieces, ten pieces, at very low costs and with the same amount of materials that are offered in other markets “.

In the field of industrial automation “the fair helped to disseminate a part of the possibilities that exist today,” says Bittor Larraioz Aristeguieta, director of Larayoz Electrónica, a company in the Basque Country, Spain.

His Argentine colleague Leandro Pratto, account executive for Automación Micromecánica, highlights that “there is a trend in carpentry at an important level of technification, particularly in those associated with CNC technology.”

For his part, Nicolás Cuello, founder and director of Lucot, a firm dedicated to virtual reality, highlights that his experience at FITECMA was very productive: “We highlighted many problems in the industry to which we aim: to develop new ways of presenting products.” And he bets on the generational change in companies in a sector that they did not know in depth: “I believe that in FITECMA 2021, as technology is advancing at a very fast speed, it will be possible to make a more interactive approach, with proven things in the market through the survey that we take from the companies that passed and that will allow us to have specific software and solutions already tested “.

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