Biomass and Industry 4.0 join with a leading role in FITECMA

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In each of the special activities that are being organized for FITECMA 2021 (Centro Costa Salguero, City of Buenos Aires / July 14-17), the Organizing Committee selected qualified and recognized entities in the market as partners.

Bioenergy (Biomass) and Industry 4.0 ‒together with Wood Construction‒ will make up special sectors that will be incorporated into FITECMA 2021 with a lot of prominence, making the fair encompassing the entire forestry-industry chain, from the first transformation to the elaboration of finished wood products with the highest added value.

In bioenergy (biomass, technology and materials for the generation of thermal energy) PROBIOMASA has already confirmed its participation – Project for the promotion of energy (FAO – Secretariat of Energy for Productive Development – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries), with whose authorities it They are planning specific communication actions that allow the promotion of biomass for the generation of clean energy. In addition, contact is being made with national companies and representatives of the main international technology providers and local producers of wood pellets. At the same time, negotiations are being carried out with the directors of Avebiom – Asociación Española de Valorización Energética de Biomasa (organizers of Expobiomasa, Valladolid), with whom it was agreed to advance in a joint dissemination work to get Spanish companies to present themselves at FITECMA . Similar work has been carried out with companies that participated last February in Progetto Fuoco, the most important fair of the sector held in Verona, Italy.

In Industry 4.0 – declared a strategic sector for the National Government – the benchmark is INTI – National Institute of Industrial Technology, deepening the alliance established in the 2019 edition, and with whose team the first meetings have been held to advance a project INTI – ASORA set of Industry 4.0 technology applied specifically to different processes in the wood and furniture industry to improve competitiveness.

In this way, with the national and international technology leaders who have already confirmed their presence and the special promotion of the new items, in 2021 the 15th edition of FITECMA proposes a different fair with new attractions and great business potential.

En Industria 4.0 –declarado un sector estratégico para el Gobierno Nacional– el referente es el INTI – Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial, profundizando la alianza establecida en la edición de 2019, y con cuyo equipo se han realizado las primeras reuniones para avanzar en un proyecto conjunto INTI – ASORA de tecnología Industria 4.0 aplicada específicamente a distintos procesos de la industria de la madera y el mueble para mejorar la competitividad.

De esta forma, con los líderes de tecnología nacional e internacional que ya confirmaron su presencia y la promoción especial de los nuevos rubros, en 2021 la 15ª edición de FITECMA plantea una feria diferente con nuevas atracciones y gran potencialidad de negocios.