Companies from different sectors are joining FITECMA

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The growth in activity registered in the last four months generates favorable expectations for 2021 among the companies that continue to join the fair. The impact is verified in the figures of square meters that have already been occupied.

Gonzalo lescano

The first edition that we attended FITECMA was in 2001 and so far we have held six more editions.

In 2019 we returned and presented ourselves with great success, so we decided that the expo would become a substantial tool in the promotion program of our company.

The quality of public, of contact, that is achieved is very specific and for us the proportion of new contacts from all over the country is very important. This significantly improves the cost per contact compared to other sales systems.

We are convinced that the incorporation of the new planned areas will be very positive in the next edition. In our case, especially in relation to wood construction, because it will attract an additional target audience among architects and designers.

La Constancia continues to specialize in outsourcing doors for furniture manufacturers. With which, at FITECMA we are going to present all new lines of laminates and designs. And also, it will give us the possibility to explain to clients how changes in management can be carried out.

We hope that 2021 can be a year to grow. We are restructuring ourselves to respond to a greater demand. And we believe that the fair, as always will be a trigger for this.

Osvaldo frund

We have participated in all editions of FITECMA. The fair has always been very positive for us. It always gives us new contacts and also allows us to meet clients who are far away in the interior and we do not see each other and the fair becomes a very good place to meet.

In addition, this year we are going to start a new activity in Argentina as representatives of MEBOR with sawing machines and other types of machines for first transformation, and we will present the entire line at FITECMA

The public of the fair is always of very good quality, selected, qualified. They come interested in specific products and to know the innovations that they can incorporate into their companies and workshops. The fair also helped us grow in contacts in Uruguay, Chile, Peru, where we export.

The inclusion of new areas, especially that of construction with wood seems very successful because Argentina has been working on the construction of wooden houses for a long time, but in recent years the government is an issue that is being strongly promoted. Also the area of ​​biomass, because the country is making great progress with the use of waste and biomass resources offered by the remanufacture and sawmill industry.