Construction with wood will have a prominent place at FITECMA 2021

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In each of the special activities that are being organized for FITECMA 2021, highly qualified and recognized partners were selected.

Thus, in construction with wood, we have been working with the Faculty of Architecture, Design, Art and Urbanism, of the University of Morón – which has vast experience in working with wood -, in the organization of a Competition for students and the first The award will be built and presented at FITECMA 2021 as part of the Faculty stand. Negotiations are also advanced for the Central Association of Architects to organize a National Wood Construction Competition, the first prize of which will be exhibited at the fair. As a dissemination of the possibilities offered by wood in all types of constructions, a Congress is being organized, also with the University of Morón, focused on architecture and architects studies; and in the practical demonstration of the different wood construction systems that can be used.

On October 26, a meeting was held in which the Dean of the Faculty, Alejandro Borrachia; the Director of the Architecture Degree, Alejandro Albistur; and the members of the Organizing Committee of FITECMA 2021, Osvaldo Kovalchuk; Armando Chichiarelli; Nicolás De Gennaro; and Roberto Minoli, to continue advancing in the organizational aspects of the scheduled events.

‘’ Our closeness to wood from the academic world; the organization of cultural events such as congresses at the national and international level; and participation in specialized fairs where the Faculty presents built prototypes which are then given a social purpose; encourages us to work together with ASORA in this ambitious plan with the aim of being able to disseminate among professionals all the possibilities that wood offers in sustainable construction, ” said Alejandro Borrachia.

For his part, Osvaldo Kovalchuk, Vice President of ASORA – the organizer of the fair – pointed out that the interaction with the Faculty “helps us to show wood from a different place,” adding that next year’s edition also to ratify the call to the traditional sectors of FITECMA, “we want to advance in others such as Construction with Wood, which we see great potential for future growth.” And at this point, he concluded, “We want the activities carried out to have the excellence that the market needs to continue training professionals.”