FITECMA changes its logo and image

FITECMA 2021 Foto Novedades 2

The industry is at a turning point, with the arrival of industry 4.0 there will be a very important transformation, and other lines of business are joining the traditional ones of wood. All this has generated the need to produce a turnaround. the fair that accompanies the new needs of companies“, explains Nora Reznik, President of ASORA, the entity that organizes the fair.

The desire for innovation is always present among us – he added – “so we decided to redesign the logo that accompanied the fair since its first edition in 1994, and presented it with the new image that will represent FITECMA 2021 in its 15th edition” .

WOOD INNOVATION WITHOUT LIMIT“, synthesizes the relevance and potential of wood in the future. A digital world, robotized, but with greater concern for caring for the environment, demands renewable materials that ensure sustainable production. Wood and innovation combine as an added value to gain competitiveness. “It was not simply a matter of looking for a slogan. It is a whole definition that aims to make FITECMA 2021 the right place for exhibitors and visitors to meet in a climate where business and knowledge prevail, facilitating the development of the entire chain of the forest industry, “concluded Nora Reznik.