FITECMA NEWS digital edition

Recurso 25

One of the important points in the FITECMA 2021 communication plan was the creation of the digital FITECMA News.

This new communication tool created especially by ASORA – Association of Manufacturers and Representatives of Machines, Equipment and Tools for the Wood Industry, has undoubtedly become a very effective means of keeping all the news that is generated at the Fair updated. .

This is the fifth issue to be published and will reach more than 30,000 contacts included in our database.

In addition, the Organizing Committee of FITECMA 2021 is developing an important program of promotion and strategic positioning of the fair through ASORA Magazine, the FITECMA website:; campaigns on social networks (facebook – instagram – youtube – twitter); and a periodic e-news service.

Numerous agreements with publishers, business entities and fairs also constitute an important platform for dissemination both nationally and internationally.