Four leading companies are sponsors of FITECMA 2021

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Ratifying their trust in FITECMA – International Wood & Technology Fair, four leading companies in their respective fields within the wood and furniture industry: Automación K, Blum, Expocolor and Lepton Sistemas, ratified their status as sponsors of the 15th. edition of the fair, which will take place from July 14 to 17, 2021, at the Costa Salguero Center, in the City of Buenos Aires.

The companies agreed to qualify FITECMA as the most important sector forum of the industry in our country and that in each edition brings together specialized visitors from each of the country’s interior regions. They also highlighted the good organization and resources – both financial and human – that are allocated to the previous promotion of the fair that they report in a successful call.

“For ASORA as an organizing entity, this fact acquires a very special significance, since these are companies that always participate in the fair and maintain an important position in the market and that, in addition, made the decision to continue accompanying us at a time of difficulties for SMEs and uncertainty worldwide, ”said Armando Chichiarelli, a member of the FITECMA Organizing Committee.

The manager also pointed out that FITECMA’s sponsorship program “is a way of mutually enhancing each other since the prestige and brand value of each of the companies is added and, in turn, benefits from the market positioning that has FITECMA won as the most important wood theme fair in Latin America ”.

Automation K
Osvaldo Kovalchuk

This is the second time we have participated as a sponsor and there are three main reasons for doing so. The first and fundamental, because FITECMA is the fair for the wood sector in Argentina. The second has to do with the commitment that exists between the fair and the exhibitors, which can be seen in the impeccable organization and permanent innovation. And the third is that the call for the fair is supported by five representative institutions of the industry. We have strong expectations for 2021. Once the pandemic is over, there will be a rebound effect from the economy towards growth. FITECMA takes place after the middle of the year and will provide the ideal framework for companies to finish defining all the projects to tackle in 2022.

Christian hohfeld
Brand ambassador

For Blum it is always important to be present at the fair because it is where we can show our new products and the advances that are taking place, in addition to having a closer contact with customers. Being a sponsor helps the organization to improve the fair and Blum to establish a brand in the market. FITECMA attracts a large public from the interior of the country and for the 2021 edition we are working together with ASORA to add more architects and interior designers, who became an important factor in the commercialization of hardware. For its part, the furniture industry has been transformed a lot and is increasingly demanding, which drives us to work on innovation and better technologies. In the 2021 edition, we are going to focus on all the services that Blum offers. In short, FITECMA is very important to us because it allows us to show trends, new products and, above all, services, which are increasingly important to our clients. .

Fernando Campi
Commercial manager

FITECMA is the meeting point of the sector, the place where I meet every two years with our clients to present the news and receive their concerns and new contacts are always generated, companies that appear in the field. Being a sponsor of the fair reaffirms the leadership achieved and that we sustain. When you make an investment of this magnitude, you think about strengthening the sector, so that all manufacturers can approach a better fair, with better suppliers, better proposals. The incorporation of new sectors such as wood construction, bioenergy and industry 4.0 will empower exhibitors and fill us with expectations. The reduction of one day of the fair seems barbarous to me: you do not need a volume of people but, as happens in FITECMA, quality of visitor. The new schedule is also positive because it allows visitors, especially those from the interior, and the exhibitor to better schedule the day with all activities concentrated directly at the fair. In 2021 there will be a need for improvement and an important recovery.

Lepton Systems
Javier Durén
Commercial Director

We are a sponsor in two consecutive editions because FITECMA is the most important fair in the country related to the industry and the production of furniture and the like. Our clients in this segment know the fair and those who cannot physically attend end up consulting through digital media. Most of them are in the interior of the country and the fair attracts a large public from the interior,