From July 14 to 17, FITECMA VIRTUAL will be online 24 hours a day

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FITECMA VIRTUAL will have a 3D Platform that will be online 24 hours a day during the four days that the fair lasts. The virtual tour will allow direct contact between exhibitors and visitors who will be able to combine meetings in real time, connecting by WhatsApp, chat, videoconferencing and other communication tools.

To facilitate navigation of the virtual fair, the platform has an intelligent search engine that allows a quick location of what is being searched for by stand, by item, by brand, by product, or by keyword.

For Osvaldo Frund, director of ASORA and member of the Organizing Committee, it will generate diverse and intelligent opportunities for the creation of networks, the transfer of knowledge and the presentation of products, ” even in an unprecedented situation like the one we are going through, FITECMA VIRTUAL se It will become an effective link between exhibitors and those responsible for making purchasing decisions in the companies of each of the sectors that participate in the fair ”.

For his part, Fernando Göttert, Secretary of the entity and member of the Organizing Committee, affirms that today companies must face a time full of challenges ” and we, with the experience of having organized 14 successful fairs, needed to assure them certainty of planning and reinforced by knowledge, offer them a complete and highly advanced fair experience in all aspects, which can show exhibitors and visitors a digital global scene that redefines the state of the art in the industry. ”