Innovation is the central axis of FITECMA 2021

Foto innovacion-digital

Under the slogan “WOOD INNOVATION WITHOUT LIMITS” the next edition of FITECMA proposes to the wood-furniture chain to think and adopt solutions that broaden the horizon of companies and their businesses.

It is a message with which FITECMA synthesizes the relevance and potential of wood in a world that is rapidly advancing towards digitization, while keeping a watchful eye on caring for the environment. “FITECMA 2021 invites exhibitors and visitors to revalue wood in a world that demands renewable materials that ensure sustainable production. Wood and innovation are combined as added value also to gain competitiveness,” says Osvaldo Kovalchuk, vice president of ASORA and member of the Organizing Committee of the fair.

Innovation is the fundamental premise that encompasses all the activities of the fair, from a change in format, with new exhibition items, to the convocation of the public with a communication focused on providing valuable information. “All the actions of FITECMA 2021 must be designed from the perspective of innovation. Understanding this, we decided to get out of a situation of comfort and take on the challenge: FITECMA always maintained a leadership position as a business center for the sector and we are taking all the decisions to keep it that way, “explains Kovalchuk.

The Organizing Committee determined the incorporation of multiple services and activities to accentuate this profile of innovation. In particular, an action program was established to add new specialized contacts in all exhibition areas. For this, FITECMA 2021 summoned highly qualified counterparts in each of the areas and the activities that are planned to be carried out in the next edition.

“In construction with wood we are already working with the Faculty of Architecture, Design, Art and Urbanism, of the University of Morón, which has vast experience on the subject”, says Kovalchuk.

The manager also highlights that for the sector specialized in bioenergy -technology and materials for the generation of thermal energy- negotiations are being carried out with the authorities of Avebiom- Spanish Association for Energy Valorization of Biomass, organizer of Expobiomasa (Valladolid, Spain). A program is also underway with participating companies of Progetto Fuoco, the most important fair of the sector that takes place in Verona, Italy.

In the area of ​​Industry 4.0, Kovalchuk highlights the continuity of collaboration with INTI – National Institute of Industrial Technology, to present at FITECMA 2021 a special area of ​​technology 4.0 applied specifically to the wood and furniture industry.

“All these actions seek to translate innovation into concrete actions. It is not simply a slogan: it is a whole definition that proposes FITECMA 2021 as the right place, the meeting point for exhibitors and visitors where business and knowledge prevail. facilitate the development of the entire forestry-industry chain “, adds Kovalchuk.