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Leading companies are added in each of the areas

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Arriba, de izquierda a derecha, Roberto Catavorello; Juan Pereson; Nicolás Freddi; Jorgelina Carrió; y Gerardo Desiderio

The growth in activity registered in the last three months generates favorable expectations for 2021 among the companies that continue to join the fair. The impact is verified in the figures of square meters that have already been occupied. 10 months after its inauguration, only 29% of its surface remains available.

Roberto Catavorello

Whenever possible, we were at FITECMA and the times we were not exhibitors it was due to the lack of support from abroad.
It is the fair with the largest call for specialized audiences in the entire country.
Among the new areas, the presence of Industry 4.0 is essential. Biomasa is the first fair to incorporate it and I hope it receives a strong boost. And Wood Building is sure to attract more architecture and design professionals.

Juan Pereson
General Manager

We exhibited at the fair since 2013, we only missed last year due to a matter of time and commitments assumed in Italy.
FITECMA is very important to us. Visitors take it as a meeting point to see innovations. In addition, it is the only way to get more than 2,000 effective contacts among those who visit the stand. And specialized audiences come from all over the country.
All the activities that are being planned to develop at the fair, especially for Construction with Wood, are of a high level and we are sure that they will attract many professionals.

Nicolas Freddi

We have been present at FITECMA since 2007. Last year we launched at the Greenway fair and it went very well. The fair receives many specialized visitors from the interior of the country, this is very positive because otherwise it would be practically impossible to get them.
The decision to change the schedule and have FITECMA start in the morning seems very successful because it allows us to concentrate all the activity of the company in the fair during those 4 days.The inclusion of Construction with Wood benefits us especially because it ensures the visit of a greater number of architects and designers.

Jorgelina Carrió
Product Manager

We have been present at FITECMA since 2009. It is the most important fair in the field because it unites all sectors that work with wood, furniture manufacturers, carpenters, and I believe that actions of interest are being developed to attract designers and architects.
This for us is especially positive, because just as we are interested in manufacturers and carpenters to be able to incorporate professionals as a public, we are added because they are consumers of our products.
But it also represents an opportunity for professionals to access all the information provided by FITECMA in four days and in one place.
The time change also seems beneficial, especially for the visitor from the interior of the country who can make better use of the time.

Gerardo Desiderio (Place photo)
Managing partner

The first FITECMA we attended as exhibitors was in 1999. For us it is a classic, an obligatory event where we have to participate.
It is an opportunity that we wait every two years to receive clients from the interior of the country, but also, as has happened mainly in recent editions, it has allowed us to get a large number of new contacts.
In the last 7 or 8 years the furniture industry turned to melanin, which caused a major technological change. We always take advantage of the fair to present news, in the next edition we will present a specific saw to work with the special characteristics of these boards.
I think that the incorporation of new sectors such as Construction with Wood and Biomass will contribute to the continued growth of the number of public.

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