Leading companies continue to be added in each of the areas

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The growth in activity registered in the last four months generates favorable expectations for 2021 among the companies that continue to join the fair. The impact is verified in the figures of square meters that have already been occupied.

Ing Ftal Victor Botto

We know FITECMA perfectly because we have participated as visitors in almost all its editions and we know the impact and importance of the fair in the sector. Based on this knowledge, in 2019 we made the decision to be exhibitors for the first time, with the fundamental reason to formally present to the market the entire line of remanufacturing products that our sawmill has been manufacturing for a few years.

Based on the very positive experience we had, we decided to participate again and we will be at FITECMA 2021. We know that it is a good opportunity to be able to fully show all the new products that we are launching, because the fair is a very suitable and popular environment. of the sector.

In fact, the public that attends the fair, both in quantity and quality, left us very satisfied in 2019: the vast majority is a public from different fields belonging to or related to the wood sector.

To this is added that we believe that the incorporation of new areas to the fair such as construction with wood, biomass, industry 4.0, is a good initiative that provides and adds attractions of interest to specialized visitors. The events convened by construction professionals help a lot to disseminate the use and handling of wood as a constructive element.

After a year that has been very particular, the medium-term projection is difficult. In the immediate term, we think that 2021 has to be a good year for the sector and we hope that the fair can be developed in its traditional format to get the most out of it.

Jorge Panjkovich

We return to FITECMA after 10 years, we move away after influenza A because we do not receive support from outside.

FITECMA is a very good fair and it is convenient for us to be there because it summons a specialized public from all over the country and we have a small percentage of the market so we have the need to show all the available technology.

The expectations we have with the new sectors that joined the fair for 2021 are very good. For us it is very important, especially with regard to Industry 4.0 because Homag is a leader. And within the companies of the Homag Group there is a company that is Weima, of which we already have 3 facilities manufacturing houses and wooden containers in Chile and one in Forestal Guaraní in Misiones.

We think that FITECMA 2021 is going to be very important and we are going to present all the innovations of Industry 4.0 and also the technology for the construction of industrialized wooden houses.

Mariano Binni

We have been participating in FITECMA since 2007 without interruption. For us, the fair has two very positive points of view. From the internal because it divides our work into cycles. We know that every two years we have the most important event in the wood and furniture industry, which allows us to present ourselves to the market in the best way. That is why we prepare especially. We develop new products, we always try to innovate. It also helps us with the massive participation of all the company’s staff at the stand, giving opinions, making something, painting, and all this is very significant for the union of the team.

And externally it is very important because it allows us to meet clients, with our suppliers, make new contacts. In that week you can join 4 or 5 months of work in the interior of the country. In our case also from neighboring countries since we export and people come from those countries to visit us at the fair, so we get a closer contact that later facilitates sales.

For all this, it is very important for us to be able to participate and continue doing so in the next editions of the fair.

Regarding the 2021 edition, we have huge expectations. We believe that it will be one of the most important exhibitions in the history of FITECMA because we believe that next year will see a very strong push in the construction industry and we are part of it, so we expect many visitors.

Armando Chichiarelli

I participated in the 14 editions of FITECMA. It is a fair that prioritizes the market because it gives the possibility of showing the new technologies and innovations that are presented in the world in Argentina and for neighboring countries such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile.

In recent editions the fair is receiving new actors. New companies, some professionals who set up their own workshops or factories, and these people visit the fair for the first or second time and interact with