New days and hours for FITECMA 2021

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Cuatro días de feria en horario comercial: este es el nuevo formato aprobado por el Comité Organizador para la 15ª edición de la Feria Internacional de Madera & Tecnología - FITECMA 2021 que se celebrará del 14 al 17 de julio de 2021, en el Centro Costa Salguero, en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Four days of the fair during business hours: this is the new format approved by the Organizing Committee for the 15th edition of the International Wood & Technology Fair – FITECMA 2021 that will be held from July 14 to 17, 2021, at the Costa Salguero Center , In Buenos Aires city.

“We are sure that the next edition of FITECMA will exceed all expectations,” said Nicolás De Gennaro, Executive Director of the show. “With all the experience acquired through 14 editions and aligning with the trend of the most important fairs in the sector around the world, we have worked on a new format and the incorporation of multiple services and activities, which will accentuate the concept of innovation by adding specialist contacts to all articles in the show, “explained De Gennaro.

For the first time the fair will remain open to the public for four days, from Wednesday to Saturday, and with a new schedule: from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. “We have met with the sponsors and the most representative companies of each of the areas and there was a practically unanimous agreement on the benefits that these changes could bring, both in the case of exhibitors and visitors”, explained Osvaldo Kovalchuk, vice president of ASORA and member of the Organizing Committee

Along these lines, the Executive Director of FITECMA recalled that from the beginning the fair proposed an update and innovation agenda for the entire wood value chain in our country. “We have developed the concept of the thematic wood fair and we are ready to carry out the necessary actions to add all sectors of the sectoral value chain in a business framework that facilitates contacts and optimizes the investment of participation in the fair, “De Gennaro said.