The 2021 edition takes innovation as its thematic axis

FITECMA 2021 Foto Novedades 2 (1)

“When we began to plan the 2021 edition of FITECMA, we set out to find a balanced portfolio of projects, of different types depending on what the companies expressed to us as new needs and actors that were appearing in the market,” explained Osvaldo Kovalchuk , vice president of ASORA.

In this interaction, innovate emerged as a fundamental premise that we should consider comprehensively for all the activities involved in the fair – Kovalchuk expressed – “organization, format, items, public call, conceptual actions, training and others, would have to be screened from the perspective of innovation. Understanding this, we decided to get out of a situation of relative comfort and take on the challenge. FITECMA always maintained a leadership position as a business center for the sector and we are taking all the
decisions to remain so. “

For his part, Nicolás De Gennaro, Executive Director of FITECMA pointed out that ” ‘work has been done on a new format and the incorporation of multiple services and activities, which will accentuate the concept of innovation by adding specialized contacts to all exhibition areas” .
In line with this, for the next edition of the fair highly qualified partners were selected in each of the activities that are planned to develop. Thus, in construction with wood, we are already working with the Faculty of Architecture, Design, Art and Urbanism, of the University of Morón, which has vast experience in working with wood.

In bioenergy – technology and materials for the generation of thermal energy – negotiations are being carried out with the authorities of Avebiom – Asociación Española de Valorización Energética de Biomasa (organizers of Expobiomasa, Valladolid), with whom it was agreed to advance in a joint dissemination work to get Spanish companies to present themselves at FITECMA. Also with companies that participated from February 19 to 22 in Progetto Fuoco, the most important fair of the field held in Verona, Italy, and which it attended
especially the Director of ASORA Magazine, Roberto Luis Minoli, to open a dialogue channel that allows innovations in the field to be presented at FITECMA.

In Industry 4.0, as in the 2019 edition, the benchmark is INTI – National Institute of Industrial Technology, with whose team the first meetings have been held to advance a joint INTI – ASORA project of Industry 4.0 technology applied specifically to the wood and furniture industry.