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The Central Society of Architects and FITECMA organize a Wood Construction Contest

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FITECMA – International Wood & Technology Fair, which will be held from July 14 to 17, 2021, at the Costa Salguero Center, of the City of Buenos Aires, will mark a turning point for the fair, they affirm in the Organizing Committee. And they highlight the change of schedule, new format, incorporation of three thematic areas, the incorporation of new services and special activities, among the strengths that will show a renewed exhibition aligned with the trend of the most important sector fairs in the world.

The construction with wood will occupy a prominent place in FITECMA 2021. For this reason, in mid-December a meeting was held between authorities of the Central Society of Architects (SCA), the Faculty of Architecture, Design, Art and Urbanism of the University of Morón, and members of the FITECMA Organizing Committee, in which the SCA agreed to organize a “National Wood Construction Contest” for professionals, which will be officially launched next March. The idea is that the first prize is built and presented within the scope of FITECMA.

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